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The fund was founded by Ukrainian executives and founder of Health Entire Inc and Dr. Joseph Carozza with a purpose of supporting Ukraine at this challenging time. For us, this is our mission and therefore all funds are allocated to the cause of helping people. We don't take any management fees and ensure that the resources are allocated efficiently and ethically.  We have organized the fund as we have the advantage of knowing where the help will be efficiently utilised locally to ensure that the help gets where it is needed the most at that point in time. 


We partner with local volunteers and other non-profit support funds to ensure efficient resource allocation and fast  responce across different regions. Our network is based in Kharkiv and West and East of Ukraine.



Parent Support Fund (West of Ukraine)

Local Ukrainian fund that focuses on humanitarian, medical and equipment support for refugees in the west of Ukraine. The fund works directly with refugees and with local authorities to ensure the facilities are equipped to service growing number of people that have relocated to the region, leaving everything behind. 

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Prosthetics Center "New Life"

We collaborate with Ukrainian fund "Volunteer Front", Penta Medical Recycling, and Ukrainian government to build a new non-profit prosthetics and rehabilitation center "New Life" for people that have lost their limbs as the result of war. 



We are connected with multiple volunteers that have been actively supporting local people with medical supplies, food, clothes. They have been active since the start of the war and have a strong track record. We partner on logistics for medical supplies and equipment that have been donated, as well as purchases of humanitarian aid. 

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